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After 10 years in business Salt Soothers had a first......we had an employee embezzle a very large sum of money. This was a shock and a heart break as our company felt we were helping this man change his life. 

It did open our eyes to the fact that as a company we could be doing so much more in our community to help give back. So this year we are making some changes. 

The first is to commit as a company to giving back 10% of our profits each year to an organization we know is changing the lives of children. 

We were recently moved by a movie called The Rule about a prep school in Newark New Jersey offering an alternative to public school to the inner city kids so they have the chance at college. It was a sad portrait of what our county is not doing with our kids education but an uplifting story on how things can be when people care. 

Second is to motivate others to see what they can do around them to make this world a better community.

For more information about the movie The Rule  go watch some of the trailers or even better yet go watch the movie at PBS.

"Each of us are capable of great good or great nothing"          

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